The fastest way to earn VeloClub Cashback is from your everyday shopping - by buying our eGift Cards. Buy them now, earn 5% VeloClub Cashback instantly, and use them at the retailer as you want.

Express eGift Cards

If you want to use your eVoucher right now to go shopping. Choose one retailer from our range covering your major everyday shopping. And we’ll email you your eVoucher by return.

If you’re not sure which retailer voucher you want to buy, check out our Flexi eGift Cards – where you buy & get your VeloClub Cashback now then choose later.

Flexi eGift Card

Flexi is for those who want to buy their card now and shop later. We'll send you an eGift Card now. When you want to use some or all of it, choose from a wide range of the biggest retailers.  We'll then send you a voucher to use at that retailer.

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Entertaining Rewards

Thinking of going to Movies? Before you do, be sure to pre-purchase your Movies eVoucher and Earn 12% VeloClub Cash. With over 25 Village cinemas across Melbourne, Victoria and Tasmania. Pre-purchase your eVoucher and it will be emailed to you for you to print off or store on your phone to present at the box office.


Up To 12% Fuel Discount

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Up To 12% Fuel Discount

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